Who Are We?

We’re a group of friends, a band of misfit worshipers, a team of missionaries to a dying world. However most of us would describe ourselves simply as family. We’re bound together by the commitments we’ve made to our savior Jesus Christ – that we will surrender every area of our life and obey Him, even unto death.To us that means living in the reality of God and His kingdom as it’s established on earth. We believe that we’re called to bring that kingdom as we set our eyes on God and surrender ourselves to the Holy Spirit. We want to see healing, deliverance, signs, and wonders become a reality for those around us; and we want it to lead the lost into a loving relationship with their Heavenly Father.(Mark 16:15-18) Make no mistake, Jesus is coming back for His bride, and we want to prepare ourselves and the world for that day. (Hebrews 9:28)

Our Skills





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Demon Casting


Old School Missionary Spirit