In the 1800’s, the modern missions movement began in England with the fathers of the movement, William Carey, going to India; David Livingston, going to Africa; and Hudson Taylor going to China. They had another friend, a certain James Fanstone, who went to Brazil as one of the pioneering missionaries there. James Fanstone is the great grandfather of Andrew Fanstone, the leader of Iris Fortaleza.

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We feel that God has called us take a step of faith in buying a property that has structure for us to reach the goals and dreams that God has called us to. The property would help in several ways:

  • structure for missions schools
  • structure for training camps
  • room to expand
  • undeveloped land to build on

How to help


Below is Iris Global’s online giving page. To make a donation to Iris Fortaleza, follow these instructions: (For US citizens, this method is tax deductible)

  • scroll down to the part designated “Iris Base”
  • enter the name of the base, “Fortaleza”
  • choose whether you want to give a one-time donation or recurring donation in the “Frequency” section
  • enter the donation amount
  • click “give”
  • scroll up and “click to checkout” at the top of the giving page
  • follow the payment instructions