Our Vision

Our vision is to die to self and live for Him to see the end of Sexual exploitation in Fortaleza.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be a community of radical worshippers who awaken the local church to, together, bring the Kingdom of God to Fortaleza, turn men and women in situations of prostitution to be disciples of Jesus, and to restore their identity and align them to their destiny according to the will of God.

Our ‘Red Light Ministry’ exists to be the light of Christ shining in the darkness of the famous prostitution industry of Fortaleza, which includes brothels, underage prostitution, sex trafficking, and strip club work. For the last three years our main focus has been in most touristic part of town on the beach front where there are several streets of bars, strip clubs and prostitution houses. Prophetic worship and intercession are a huge part of our focus; we have seen proven time and again His presence and movement in response to our worship and prayers bringing breakthrough and change to those we are ministering to. Love banquets are a regular evangelistic event that we have for the girls, as well as weekly building real relationship with the girls, transvestites and men that we encounter in the red light district with the goal of discipleship and restoration in Christ in a holistic sense. Outreaches happen every Friday night in the wee hours and throughout the week we pursue relationships with the girls and regularly meet for intercession over the red light district.