The percentage of evangelicals in the Northeast Countryside, or “Sertão,” is very low: less than 4%. Hundreds of towns with fewer than 2% of evangelicals. Many of less than 1%. Thousands of villages with no evangelical church. 71% of Brazil’s least evangelized cities are in Northeast Countryside. Of 485 Brazilian cities with less than 3% of evangelicals, 343 are in Northeast Countryside. 12,000 rural communities or villages without churches. In the State of Ceará, 97% of believers are in the area of Fortaleza. The remaining 3% is distributed on the inside of the state. We want to support the churches that exist there and even start planting new churches so the gospel can spread to those who are unreached. Our vision is to die to ourselves and live for Him so that the lost will be saved in the sertão. Our mission is to be a community of disciples of Christ that make more disciples through love, prayer, discipleship, and community developement.