Community Developement

Oitão Preto House of Prayer

Our Vision

Our vision is to find the lost in the darkest places and return to them their identity as beloved  sons and daughters of God.

Our Mission

Our mission is to capacitate and disciple new believers in the truth; encourage them  to stand firm in the community where they live so that they can be light through their testimonies preparing the way for others to be saved; help them to get back their lost time in education, health, and family; and instruct them in the best way to re-integrate themselves into society.


Jesus described his intention for the church is for it to be a house of prayer for all nations. We want to run with that and as a result at the core of our ministry we have opened up a house of prayer. This house is beautifully placed in the middle of the drug dens and is housed on top of a hill overlooking the alleyways of the slum on one side and the beauty of the Atlantic Ocean on the other.

The house was built by one of the main drug dealers and used as a commanding lookout post for the drug dealers but now we have made it into a fortress for God and an altar for worship and prayer to go up to our God so heaven can come down and change the surrounding reality.

In Exodus 17 we read about Moses standing on the top of a hill interceding whilst Joshua fought the enemies in the valley below. As Moses raised his hands in prayer the enemy was pushed back but whenever Moses lowered his arms the enemy started to overcome. We believe that is a good picture of what goes in the prayer house. Daily we raise up our hands as Moses did on the hill, we battle in the heavenlies and then go down and enforce the victory won on the ground as Joshua did through warring with love, compassion, good works and the power of God to heal.

Dream Factory

– Children’s Program
– Reading Class
– Art Class
– Ballet Class
– After School tutoring
– Guitar Class