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Well guys, we’ve successfully sent off our core team of six to the unreached peoples in the mountains of Nepal. After 10 months of prayer and preparation and Herb pouring everything he has about missional community and church planting into them, they headed out, ready to give their lives for the gospel. It will certainly be an adventure with Jesus, and it will be very challenging, as it is physically very hard to get to the remote villages and the team has many other obstacles to overcome. Please pray for Jason Dueck, Jenn Dueck, Paula Guedes, Lauren Lierly, Nedyson Garcia, and Bruno Teixera as they pour out their lives for the Gospel!

Now its like we are starting fresh with 6 new missionaries in the house: 2 Brazillian guys, 2 Brazillian girls, an English couple, and our family of four. Then there is a Brazillian/ American couple with a baby that just arrived from the US that is living off base. There will be more filtering in over the next weeks and months. We have had several months to get to know each individual in different scenarios, but now we are really starting to live together and love and minister together as the dust settles from 17+ missionaries packed into the house for a month of overlap. And there was a lot of dust.

It has honestly been a very hard season for us, with so many significant things happening at the very same time- preparing and sending the Nepal team in love and honor, welcoming all the new missionaries streaming in, and loving our two little boys who are each at a challenging phase (8 months and 2 1/2 years old). We have often felt tired and overwhelmed. But, often I can sense the Lord’s grace and his hand carrying us. There have been sweet moments of joy as well, like watching our boys grow and laugh together and play together, and the fancy goodbye dinner we planned for the Nepal team.

I am learning more and more about discipling and leading with my lifestyle. It is constantly stretching, but such great joy and fulfillment as His strength is continuously made perfect in my constant weakness. We are pressing into the Lord’s heart to see heaven break open and cause a glorious transformation in the packed-out prostitution district 4 blocks from our house. There are so many needy and broken people, and so much I have to learn, but I want to bless Jesus’ heart in all that we do. I feel that this is a time to press in in the spirit and intercede intercede intercede, as well as equip those on my team that God has given me to minister to the oppressed women and men all around us in the sex industry.

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