A Night at the Brothel

A few weeks ago, all of us here at the base were feeling like we needed to take a week off from all of our normal work and programs in the community to focus more on the Lord. We were getting more and more desperate to see the power of the Holy Spirit really working through us to change the lives of the people that we minister to every week. We know that we can’t do anything to really change someone… God has to encounter them and change them. I know that many people are just one powerful encounter with Jesus away from having their lives completely changed for eternity! After praying and seeking the Lord, we decided to suspend all of our normal activities for the week and spend all week in prayer and fasting. We really had some amazing times of worship and intercession together! It was great to spend the whole week going after the presence of the Holy Spirit and growing in intimacy with Jesus! During the week, we felt like the Lord wanted us to go and pray outside a brothel that is just down the street from our house. So Friday night, we had a time of intercession and worship before heading to the brothel. During that time, God showed me a vision of many angels right outside in our courtyard. They were all dressed in armor and ready for battle! Some were carrying swords and shields, and many were on horses. I was seeing this as we were praying for the Lord to come with us and open doors so that we would be able to minister at this brothel. As we left the house and walked down the street toward the brothel, I could see the angels following behind us. By this time I was filled with expectancy to see what God was going to do when we got there! As we were getting closer, we decided to split into three groups so that we wouldn’t draw as much attention just standing outside the gates of the brothel. So we took our positions and began praying for the presence of God to fall on the place and bring freedom to the girls in prostitution. As we were praying, I saw a fairly large demonic spirit rise up from the top of the building. They were alerted to our presence and very angry. This always makes me laugh, because I know that my God has already won the victory and defeated the powers of darkness. As we continued praying, one of the groups walked up to the front gate of the brothel right as the guard was coming out. As they began talking to the guard, I noticed a large angel standing behind them. I knew the Lord was about to do something cool! After talking to the guard for a minute, he took them inside. I was amazed! God literally just opened the front door and let us walk right in! After the first group went in, we continued praying that the God’s presence would invade the place. My group decided to walk up to the wall and pray there. As we put our hands on the wall and prayed for God to break down this stronghold of prostitution, I could feel the resistance from the enemy. I could feel them trying to push us back. After a few minutes, the guard noticed us and called us over. He asked if we were with the others who had already gone inside. To my surprise, he asked if we would go in also and pray for the girls! He told us that a Macumba practitioner had come a few days ago and one of the girls had been possessed by a demon! Macumba is a form of witchcraft that is widely practiced in Brazil. God had granted us favor with the guard who just opened the door and invited us inside to pray for the prostitutes! As my group and I walked inside, I could feel that the atmosphere was very heavy and dark. It was heartbreaking to see the girls who were hopeless and lost in darkness. They have no idea how much they are worth, or how much they are loved by God. It was so cool to get to pray for them and talk to them about how much Jesus loved them and valued them! A few of them gave their contact information to the girls on our team, so pray that the Lord will give us more opportunities to minister to them. As we were leaving, we stopped to talk to the guard for a while longer. He told us about how he didn’t like working there, but it was the only job he could get. We told him we were praying that this place would be shut down, but that the Lord would send him a good job! As we were talking to him, I felt a strange sensation in my neck around the top of my back. When I asked if he had any pain in his neck or upper back, he told me that he had been having neck/back problems. After we all prayed for him to be healed, all the pain left his back and neck! I feel like this was the kind of breakthrough that we had been praying for. We were desperate to see more of the supernatural power of God come and break down the strongholds of the enemy.

“For the weapons of our warfare are not of the flesh but have divine power to destroy strongholds.” 2 Corinthians 10:4

 Please continue praying that we will have more opportunities like this one, and that we will be able to go into this brothel again. Pray that God will bring down the stronghold of prostitution in this city and all of Brazil! Thank you so much for all of your prayers and support!

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