Emotional Times

God’s goodness is abundant and overflowing, and has overflowed into one more perfect little son in the Barbutti clan! We are incredible proud to present Zadok Edison Barbutti to the world, born on June 17th at 4:15am, at home, supernaturally quickly and peacefully!  He was born 9 lbs of cuteness and personality, and is growing quickly.

So much has happened in the last season that I couldn’t call it a season of waiting, though often that was what it felt like, since Zadok was born a month later than we expected.  We have added several other new members to our house, including two girls who are recovering from a life of addiction to drugs, sex and alcohol.  God is doing BEAUTIFUL things in both of them, and miracles are happening.  One miracle is the baby inside Leticia, who is 6 months pregnant and used crack every day for the first 5 months of the pregnancy. The day before she came to live with us was forced by a ‘friend’ to drink poison to kill her baby.  After examinations and ultrasounds, the doctor has pronounced the baby girl perfectly healthy. THANK YOU JESUS for your redeeming love and healing power!

In the midst of all the blessed craziness, we are also processing the death of Herb’s dad, who passed away a few hours before Zadok was born on Father’s day.  As difficult as it was, we have peace in our hearts because we know that he is living and celebrating with Jesus now, and is fully healed. However, please keep Herb’s mom and siblings in prayer as it’s a difficult time and there are lots of things to sort out still.

If you have not checked out our new website, you should! It’s http://www.irisbrasil.org, and it keeps you updated with photos and videos of our events and life as a missional community.

We are praying for our next few months, because there are many unknowns and decisions that need to be made.  Our lease ends now in November, and we need guidance to know where we are to move to.  We have many missionaries coming and going in the next months, and we are praying for the Lord’s will to be done and for more of His kingdom and fire!  We are also praying about being able to go to the States in September for a wedding and iris meetings.  My (Lorelei’s) fam is coming down on a missions trip to love on and serve our base as well in August! Please be praying with us for the Lord’s leading  in the next few months.

We miss you all who are so faithfully holding us up in prayer and supporting us, and we hope to see many of you soon.

The Barbuttis

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