Week 12: Spending Life

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I don’t know how long I will be in Brazil. I don’t know that I am called to a specific cause. I don’t know how many years I have left to live–maybe I will die as a martyr.  What I do know, is that I want my life to be a fragrant offering to the Lord. I want to spend everything I have and all that I am in worship. When I meet Jesus in eternity I want to hear Him say “You held nothing back from me.” So everyday in and out of programs this is what I am aiming for–to be completely poured out at the feet of my King. What a honor to be an offering. I can’t imagine a better way to spend my life. With that said, these are some of the ways we poured out this week:
Monday’s prayer meetings in the community have been such a blessing. Most Mondays, we have focused on a lot a singing to God or praying about/seeking the Lord over different topics. It usually leans more on the side of worship service rather than prayer meeting. Honestly, I haven’t minded because I love to worship–I love Jesus. But the past two weeks we have returned back to pure intercession. It is so good to have the whole Iris team (plus some) come into agreement over families in the community, principalities over the nation, and for the move of God around the world. It is a huge gift to hear things that God is laying on the hearts of my friends as well as hear them praying for the people my I cannot seem to forget.


Tuesdays (our rest day), haven’t been as restful as usual. My Iris Leader Lorelei (Herb’s wife) is 9 months pregnant and is supposed to have the baby tomorrow (Wednesday). So we have all been getting ready and making plans. She is planning to have the baby at home, so the house has been abuzz with preparations: cleaning, getting rooms ready, paperwork, etc. My job is watching Ranen (their son, who is 2 yrs old) during the birth. We are all so excited!


This last Wednesday house visits at the community were very different. While, we were able to visit with a few families, but most of our time was spent in the house of prayer. Claudia (my leader Andrew’s wife) had invited her hairdresser friend to come and cut people’s hair for free! So the prayer room quickly transformed into a salon, the outdoor sink into a hair washing station, and we chatted–salons somehow have a way creating easy conversation.


It was really good to meet a several kid’s moms, and find out a bit more of these kids situations. I also really enjoyed watching some of the kids get their hair cut–each one was so particular about what style they wanted–and each one of their faces would light up when they looked in the mirror to saw the results of their instructions.


Thursday, Ned and I want over to the new community for the children’s program. The kids here are so hungry for the word of God! It is such a blessing to get to share it with them. I have been given the responsibility of lesson planning and preaching to them. It is such a privilege! I feel like God is asking me to be really intentional with every lesson. So I started adapting a discipleship course that Jason (one of the missionaries here) wrote for people coming to live at the base. The course covers Christology, Eschatology, Missiology, as well as a general overview of the Bible, all of this of course ties into our purpose and how we should live our lives.


This past week we talked about the principal story of the Bible: “God wants to live with His people.” I used drawings to illustrate this story, beginning in Genesis with God walking in the garden with Adam to Revelation 21 when God’s kingdom will be fully established on the new heaven and earth–and God will be with His people. After the program one of the girls asked me for the drawings so that she could share the story with her friends at school!!


Friday, we had a very important missions team meeting. This February we are sending out missions teams to other parts of the world. Each of us shared whether we felt like we were supposed to go, and to what country. Herb shared about being a family and really supporting each other as we went out. We talked about giving up our own dreams to serve in a place that God was moving. I will definitely be letting you guys know more news, as more is confirmed.


Saturday we had a mother’s day program for ladies in the community. I got to help organize but was not able to go, because I was helping Claudia with the kids (Andrew is on a ministry trip in England). Pastor Vania spoke, and all the ladies that went said it was a really good time.


Sunday, my friends that go with me to the beach community spent mother’s day with their moms.This combined with the fact that the place we normally meet burned down meant that I didn’t have the program. I did however get to go to Alex’s beach church service at Beira Mar. The service is held right by the pier in a touristy part of town. It was so good to hear open air preaching and watch people stop on the pier to hear the word of God. I also got to visit with my friend Rodger. Rodger became paralyzed after he dove into a swimming pool that was too shallow, and now he spends most of His time sitting near the pier. Every time I am there I make sure to stop, pray, and visit. Next week he said he would come to church!!


After feeling a bit discouraged last week over Fabuila’s attitude she has really made a turn around this week–looking happier than ever, and coming to discipleship!! Keep praying for her to continue!! Also pray for little Fabuila’s family, they have been coming to a lot of the programs and I am beginning to see changes in their lives. This week please be praying for my leader Lorelei and the baby that is coming: Zadok. Also be praying for the new communities and the children there. Pray especially for the beach community that is now without a location to meet. Pray for Rodger as well! Finally, please pray for me and the team to hear God’s voice and glorify Him in all that we do!


Thank you for your faithful prayers and support! And because I’m not sure that I mentioned the fact that I am in love with Jesus enough in this update: I LOVE JESUS!!!!!!!!!

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