Catchup on Blessed Barbutti Life

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Hey all,

I know its been crazy long since we’ve had a written blog update- but we are alive and we are well!  Life has been a bit of a whirlwind as God moves in and around us, and with several missionaries arriving and leaving.

Last month Herb and I took a trip down to Rio de Janeiro, where we spent a week getting to know the small Iris base that is starting.  Fred and Fernanda Barros are the amazing pastors and leaders there, and we had a wonderful week growing in relationship with them and their beautiful team.  They have started to work in a huge trash dump in the middle of the city that is home to several thousand men, women and children.  My first impression was that I was back in Africa! The smells of burning trash, the lack of running water, and the shining black faces of kids who were excited to recieve foreigners, crowding our car doors were all very similar.  God is moving through the powerful love of the team there to touch the super hungry and broken community. I fell in love=).

One of our goals is to grow unity and relationship within the Iris bases in Brazil and grow in vision for Iris Brazil, so we definitely were blessed to have this time in Rio (of course the beautiful beaches and landscape were a plus as well).

Our missionary team that lives in the house exploded in numbers!  We went from 6 to 11 in a month, and in the next month we will be receiving about 4 more girls for the summer!  Its crazy to see God fill up this big house so fast.
Holy Spirit has been moving in our hearts for greater hunger, and our team has also been moving into more and more supernatural unity, which is beautiful to see.

Herb and I are expecting our Barbutti boy #2 to arrive sometime mid to late May, and are VERY excited to meet him soon.  Things have gone supernaturally well during this pregnancy and we are praying for and believing for an easy and complication-free birth here in Fortaleza.

Please be praying with us for direction from The Lord, as we received news that we have to leave this house in November because of unforeseen circumstances on the part of the owners.  We know God has a new direction and location for us coming, and we are waiting on Him to show us the way!

Thank you, each one of you dear friends and family that support us in your prayers and finances so faithfully.  We couldn’t be moving forward without you… and you should all come visit sometime!

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