I Will Care and I Will Go!

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I want to share with you guys a cool story that happened about a week ago. It’s late and I’ve been studying so I don’t think I’ll write the details but the most important parts I wanna be able to talk about.

The community where we work, the Iris team in Fortaleza, is called Moura Brasil but its really bad area where there’s lots of drugs and prostitutuion they call Oitão Preto (which I believe is kind of a slang for the word gun). That’s where our house of prayer is located.

Two weeks ago, they started shooting against each other again and around three people were killed. We had the chance to comfort some of the families and friends. It happened that one of the families was gonna have a memorial service to the kid that died and asked to our team to share a word. The mom and the girlfriend asked to me and to one of my friends who is also a missionary and our first answer was “Yes, of course!”

But when I told that to the part of the team that works there for a longer while, their first answer was “No, of course not! It’s very dangerous!” Then, my answer had become a NO as well! We had a week to decide if we were gonna do it or not.

Here, in Fortaleza, gangs have this bad habit of invading funeral of their rival gangs and killing more people who are their enemies. So the friends of the guy that was dead were waiting for that and had many guns, of many sizes and kinds, in their pockets, under their shirts…

But, besides that and specially, that other part of the team was afraid the guys we work with could then think we are against them because we were in the memorial service of one of their enemies. So everyone thought that this little and naive girl (me!) was the perfect person to share the gospel, since the gangs didn’t really know me so well, right in the midst of those armed big guys! BUT I didn’t think so!

What I really wanna talk about is how I was feeling! First of all, honestly, I wasn’t interested on that subject. I wasn’t thinking about a guy that I never met who died because of drugs, I was thinking about the dissertation I needed to finish to graduate! When I said yes I did it because I was sure one of the guys in the team was, for sure, say yes and go. I thought they would be willing to go, but I was wrong!
Then, when I found out how dangerous it was I just though that if someone would go I’d be able to go as a company. But I was actually thinking no one would go!
When the day came, the girlfriend was calling and asking if we could go and saying they were needing us and counting on us…
I had to pray cause I needed to know if God was willing me to go, if He wanted to do something that night… I knew He was interested, the opposite of me. I just knew He could move in power and how big the opportunity was!
I was afraid, though! I didn’t want to get hurt or, the worst, to die! Not because of a “stupid guy” that decided to finish his life doing drugs! Because, by the way, there’s still many people in the world that need me to take Jesus to them. Because I have to live to do great things with God! Who was that guy!? What did I have to do with him? I’m not supposed to die like that!

In the end, I went! I drove to that community that night because I knew it was a great chance to make His love known! I walked till the place of the memorial service not sure that God was telling me to go! I was thinking something bad could happen! And I guess it really could! I was actually thinking I could die.

But I did went there! There were hundreds of people. That was the first time I ever preached to a bigger amount of people. They were all looking at me, including the drug dealers! You know what… in a situation like that I wasn’t there by myself for sure! The Holy Spirit was totally in control cause if not, I wasn’t gonna be able to stand and speak at the same time. God made me courageous and those guys heard God talk to them! I got to be His instrument! I got to pray and to declare peace over that favela!

I want to be the kind of person that cares about others, even the ones I never met! I wanna be like Jesus. I wanna be a Christian, in the deepest essence of the meaning of the word.
I wanna care for the ones others don’t care. I wanna believe when others don’t. I wanna see a way out to the lost and point it to them! Because that’s what Jesus did for me!

I knew my Daddy had everything over His control and that no one would be able to touch me if He didn’t allow it! It could’ve happened cause the Bible tells us to rejoice when we suffer for His sake, huh?
…I mean I didn’t know for sure but I knew the theory!

I just wanna encourage you to care for others and to go where He tells you to!

Bless you, my friends!

Paula Dianne.

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