The Mansion!

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Well guys,

God has moved incredibly and quickly in these last couple weeks, and we are moving into a REALLY BIG HOUSE this week!!  Its a mansion, actually.  And we didn’t even go house searching!  We were just getting ready to go house hunting, as we needed to be out of our house by January. Before we even had a chance to hunt, a friend of a friend heard about our ministry and that we were looking for a house, and they brought us to the mansion!  We have been praying for God to really lead us, because our needs are growing with housing for long term missionaries, and girls coming off the streets, and an Iris base, and so on.  God put it all in one beautiful house! He made it quickly clear that this was the place for us.  With eleven bedrooms, a rec room, two kitchens, a court yard to hold large events, and a 5 car garage space, etc, we are blown away with the opportunity and blessing of this place.  It is also about a 20 minute walk from the community and prayer house as well ( as opposed to a 90 minute bus ride)!

The house is close to 100 years old, and has been abandoned for at least a year, and needs a bit of work.  Thankfully, the Lord had perfect timing and sent us the amazing Iris Latin America team of 29 people these last couple weeks, and they have greatly helped clean out and start painting and repairing the house.  They have also deeply inspired and blessed us and our team with their radically laid down lives traveling for the past 13 months living happily in whatever conditions they find, and loving Jesus deeply and passionately. They carry countless crazy testimonies of God saving their lives and crashing in to take down principalities and touch the lost.

Another thing to continue to pray for is the four cars the Iris Latin America team has offered to us, that we would find favor with the government that they would let us keep imported cars.  It is looking favorable, but we will need a miracle!  We are blown away by this possible gift, even the fact they would offer it to us before they leave and start a new phase of the journey in the Caribbean with boats.


We have also added Andrea Myatt to our team, an AMAZING love-filled woman of God from Texas who came to visit us in March and decided to come back! We are overjoyed to have her.


Thank you all for all your prayers in everything we have been posting, we can feel it and we are so thankful!

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